What Our Clients Say

D. Gussoff, Professional Organizer

Susana at Right Click Advantage has been a tremendous asset in marketing my business. Not only does she oversee my monthly Constant Contact newsletter, she also possesses  a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing. I highly recommend her to help keep your business “front and center.”

K. Peralte, Web Designer

I just attended your webinar on email marketing and want to send a big “Thanks!” to you for the information. It literally kept me from making a bad business decision. I was getting quotes from companies selling email lists to launch an email marketing campaign but had some reservations and wanted to attend this workshop to educate myself on the rules. I now want to continue to build my list organically for my business and I signed up for the deal you offered to help me do that.

L. Rosilli, Fashion Jewelry

Prior to our strategy session, I felt challenged by deciding when to send marketing campaigns and how to get customers to go to my website and place an order as a result of the blast.  Sitting together at our strategy session helped me make a plan. Now I am excited to get going and execute my marketing plan. I loved having someone to talk with and come up with a plan.  I am in my business by myself; I don’t know a lot of resources who understand email marketing, and who can help me take my goals from a vision to a clear plan.  At the end of our session, I felt better equipped to move forward. I think that anyone who is new to email marketing will benefit immensely by working with you.  

D. Speciale, Chamber Director

Susana is a brilliant presenter on using Constant Contact and an even better teacher! Our Chamber of Commerce had Susana present at a networking info lunch. We subsequently hired her for a 2-part class at her office in East Hanover where she started us from the basics and took us through to intermediate and even some expert level tools. The hands on classes were customized to our needs. I came with a list of goals and a number of questions – all of which were clearly answered.  As soon as we started to implement the strategies we learned, our Chamber saw positive results with our emails – and we’ve just begun!

L. Symbouras, Event Artist

I just wanted to say thanks for speaking at our meeting last week. I was considering Constant Contact already, but you spurred me to move forward, and I sent my first campaign email this morning someone has emailed me back saying she wants to book me for an event! This quick results has gotten me really excited about more marketing options.

S. Toth, Writer and Editor

When I came to Right Click Advantage, I felt like my marketing was stuck. I didn’t quite know where to go next, and what items I should focus on. I needed to clarify my target market and work on my message to that market. Susana helped me to do all of this and more. I have identified my target market, clarified my unique value to that market, and devised a message that will reach that market, all with Susana’s guidance. In addition to all of this, I have to say Susana is just great to work with. She is very positive and caring, at the same time giving you the push you need to get yourself in gear for marketing success. I would highly recommend Right Click Advantage!.

A. Mohan, SCORE Counselor

Our SCORE chapter had the recent experience of engaging Susana in workshops on digital marketing encompassing email marketing and branding.  Susana is a professional presenter, who makes herself easily accessible to her audience.  She expresses the value of honesty, transparency and consistency required in today’s busy attention seeking marketing campaigns. As a representative of SCORE, who worked with Susana to coordinate these workshops, I would readily encourage you to consider Susana as a member of your presentation team for live workshops on digital marketing.

J. Wesley, Event Planner

Susana, I’ve been to only a few of your seminars so far but am drawn to the quality of your sincerity and substance. I’m very selective about attending seminars (can easily get lost in them 🙂 but I make it a point to attend yours when possible.

M. Grant, Interior Designer

Susana is just so knowledgeable and she can really make it so simple to learn! I went into a Constant Contact session with her not knowing the first thing about it and came out completely prepared and confident to send my first email campaign. I sent my newsletter out later that evening and got two request for appointments the following morning.  A return on my investment in less than 24 hours!  I am now working with her to create an eMarketing strategy and am looking forward to creating a blog. I have been planning to strengthen this part of my business for a few years. Now with Susana’s knowledge, experience and talents, I can finally get it done. Thanks to her and Right Click Advantage I can really grow my business.

A Rubin, Attorney

Susana was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with regard to designing and using my e-newsletter to help me meet my social media marketing goals. In addition, she went the extra mile for me.  After I started using the e-newsletter templates she had created for me, I decided I wanted something a little different. Susana jumped right in and created new templates for me right away.  She even helped me come up with a name for my blog, and referred me to an excellent website designer!  I highly recommend Susana to any business owner who wants to get his or her e-newsletter campaign off the ground.