Powerful Marketing Strategy

Marketing Expert Susana FonticobaContent Marketing – Social Media – Blogs – Email. Where does a small business owner start? You need marketing strategy that makes a difference. How do you know what words will make your perfect client act quickly to buy your services?

What you need is powerful marketing strategy that’s perfectly tailored for your business.

With all the information available today, it’s a double edged sword. We are suffering from information overload and marketing overwhelm. You read articles on today’s marketing trends. You watch webinars on new marketing strategies. It’s a continuous loop of learning. But if you’re stuck in learning mode, when will you start launching?

If you’ve been feeling a bit lost and confused, paralyzed by all the rules and tools, you certainly are not alone. Right Click Advantage helps entrepreneurs like you sort out the facts from the fluff.

Here’s a perfect place to start. It’s my new E-Book, which lays out the law of the 10 Essential Elements of Powerful Marketing. It’s simple, powerful and very actionable.

Susana FonticobaI’m Susana Fonticoba, and I’m your Marketing Mom. Right Click Advantage is the second company I founded after I left the corporate world. At that time, I began as a computer tutor, while knowing close to nothing about running a business. I had no formal marketing education, so I learned the hard way. You can say I got a Masters Degree from the School of Hard Knocks!

Today, armed with all of my knowledge and years of experience, I help small service based businesses get off the revenue roller coaster and create smart marketing to grow their revenue. Download the E-Book and start putting those 10 Elements of Powerful Marketing Strategy into action!



Your Marketing Action Plan

You know it needs to be done, but you hate the thought of designing and planning your marketing. It’s a scary prospect! But if you’ve been marketing for months or even years without feeling a steady growth in your business, then you most likely have been working without a Marketing Action Plan.

A Marketing Plan? I have to have a plan?  Yes, Right Click Advantage to the rescue!

marketing strategy

Strategize My Marketing!

Let’s build your path to success with a complete marketing strategy and action plan.

marketing strategy


We start with a phone discovery session to discuss goals and challenges.



If we find we’re a good fit for each other, we schedule a Strategy Session to lay the foundation of where we are and where we need to be. After we’ve uncovered some needed information, background, and direction, we move forward to work on your Marketing Action Plan.

I analyze your current marketing presence:

  • Branding: visuals, voice, persona
  • Content: readability, tone, completeness
  • Online footprint: sites, directories, reviews
  • Which competitors come up when I search for your type of business?

We work together in a marketing strategy session:

  • discover the Ideal Client
  • discuss strategic marketing alliances
  • where and how to grow our marketing database
  • create a 12-month Content Calendar
  • determine promotions and a call to action

I compile all the data and deliver a definitive Strategic Marketing Plan to guide your marketing activities for the next 12 months.

New To Constant Contact? Get Up and Go!

marketing strategy

If you’re new to email marketing and to Constant Contact, one package will start you from square one – to the launch of your first campaign, and everything in between!

  • Create the account and fill in the settings. Verify the emails
  • Create the Welcome email
  • Create Sign up form and sign up button, email the code to developer
  • Create your Text to Join keyword and sign
  • Upload images into your image library
  • Upload documents into the document library
  • Design 1 to 2 master templates
  • Create contact lists and tags
  • Get exported contacts file and upload into Constant Contact lists
  • Set up social share and connect the accounts
  • Gather all pertinent links to web site pages, blogs
  • Set up social icons
  • Edit your rough content and create and launch your first campaign
  • Report on and analyze the results – provide direction for next steps