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Need Expert Content and Email Marketing Services for your Company?

“I can do this myself…”  That can be true when you’re a brand new business. But when you’re established, keeping your past, current and future customers up to date on your products and services often winds up taking a back seat to other equally critical tasks. Ask us about our Expert Email Marketing Services Packages.

If you’re looking to

  • seduce past clients to return for new transactions
  • entice current clients to engage you for additional products
  • attract new clients to secure your services…

…then, work with Right Click Advantage – we focus on providing expert content and email marketing services for small to medium sized businesses. We are master certified business partners with Constant Contact – the highest expert level you can reach with the gold standard of email marketing software.

Satisfied Customers are our goalSmart Content Marketing For Your Business

Right Click Advantage offers several packages, all priced at flat fees, which allows you to budget properly.

At Right Click Advantage, our small business marketing clients are like family. We care for your marketing accounts as if they were our own. We’re like your Marketing Mom, making sure we have what we need to market your business every single month, even if we have to nag you!

We learn about your business and situation to discover the best approach for you, not force you into a cookie cutter solution. We produce a polished mobile friendly email campaign and manage the background activity of your account.


email marketing services, expert constant contactI started working with Susana who is beyond helpful. This morning alone, she helped me organize a strategy for marketing that I have been dreaming about for a year, but could not implement due to being SWAMPED with all that I have been doing in the business. I felt like a full year of envisioning and dreaming of what I would like to do, was organized and is beginning to get implemented. 5 minutes after the marketing campaign went out I started receiving e-mails with questions about the training events– Talk about impactful!  This morning I had a key customer e-mail me to reserve 10 spots in the September NJ training. He is on my mailing list and we trained 10 of his teachers last September. The newsletter reminded him to send 10 more! WOW! Can only imagine how much more interest in my events having a consistent message will generate.  I can’t thank you enough. – Allison Morgan, CEO and Founder, Zensational Kids

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Small Business Expert Content Marketing Services

Here’s how we can help you:

Right Click Targeted Coaching Session. In this 2 hour private session, we will work together to improve your marketing strategy, your comfort level with Constant Contact, and email marketing results.

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Get Up and Go! – We will get you from zero to launch, setting up a new account, uploading your contacts, create your template, and get your rough content and create and launch your first campaign. We’ll report on your results as well. One flat fee, we get it all done.

Marketing Action Plan – We will start with an assessment of where your marketing is today, and give you recommendations to improve your customer engagement. Then we meet for a working session together to identify your Ideal Client, and strategize how we will grow your database and grab your customer’s attention. We’ll choose appropriate channels and design your call to action. Then it all comes together with a 12 month Content Calendar – a complete marketing strategic plan!

Manage My Campaigns – We give you 3 packages to choose from, each with its own monthly fee. From basic to deluxe, stop thinking about how great it would be for someone to handle your email campaigns for you – count on Right Click Advantage to get it all done.

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